Whiskey in snow!
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Walking in a Whiskey Winter Wonderland

My lovely wife recently taught a class at Trade School Cardiff on ‘How To Write A Life List‘. She’s had her own version of a life list pretty much since we met two and a half years ago (you can see it on her own blog here) and she’s prodded and pushed me to do my own. So I’ve started one on Listography and separated it into categories – it’s still a massive work in progress but I’ll be adding to it in the coming weeks and put the full list up on the blog somewhere. This week I started to make some moves on one specific goal though – ‘Try 50 whiskeys’.

Whiskey in snow!

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I’ve always liked a little tipple of bourbon or scotch and during the winter as it’s a wonderfully welcome warmer on those cold evenings. The smell and taste of some of the cheaper ones can be a little harsh and overpowering but if you can find a nicely distilled one it’ll be smooth as caramel.

Christmas usually brings me a fresh bottle or two of Jack Daniels so as of today I’ve decided to make winter of 2012/13…Whiskey Winter. No more JD for me this Christmas though (I’ve still got a bottle left over from last year). Instead, I’ll be asking for some new flavours to try and add to my ongoing list.

The Whiskey Challenge

Just to make it a little bit more fun, I’m going to set myself a little challenge. Not all 50 whiskeys though – that would just be daft! No, I’m going to set the bar slightly lower and go for 20 from now until the end of Whiskey Winter. I need to define the rules first.

I’m going to keep the rules simple on this one.

  • My challenge will run from 1st November to 28th February (that’s when winter officially ends as far as I’m concerned) and in that time I need to taste 20 different whiskeys.
  • A taste will be a 50ml serving or as close to as possible. That’s enough to get a good sample of the flavour of each one but without getting me too drunk (providing I don’thave more than 2 in a day).
  • It doesn’t matter if I’ve had it before, it only counts if I have it from 1st November onwards.

That’s pretty much it. I’ll be hunting down free samples around shops and I’ve even had discussions with a few friends about starting up a Whiskey Wednesday Club in Cardiff so we can all enjoy Whiskey Winter together. The more the merrier so if you fancy it let me know!

So, yeah…that’s it for now. I’ve got a little list of recommendations from people already which I’ll pop up somewhere soon but in the meantime, if you’ve got any favourites of your own which you think I should try be sure to send them my way. I’d also welcome any free donations 😉

I will of course be keeping you all up to date on progress here so keep any eye out.

See you soon!


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