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Time To Streamline

Hello. Remember that massive list I put together at the start of the year that I was going to stick to all the way through 2013 and the give myself a big pat on the back for completing? Well, here’s a funny story…

…I’m struggling with it all. Surprised? You shouldn’t be!

In all honesty, I’m disappointed I haven’t been able to keep up with it properly like I’d originally planned. You should know the excuse by now though – house stuff. We moved house 2 months ago and since then my time has been spent stripping mountains of shitty wallpaper from almost every room in the house, then adding 2/3 coats of paint, building IKEA furniture, spending every weekend in IKEA/B&Q/Homebase, changing plug sockets and light switches, putting up shelves, ripping out those god-damn-ugly fitted wardrobes and cupboards, ripping out carpet, taking off doors – and we haven’t even finished the downstairs yet.

So yeah, that’s where all my time has gone and so, rather than give up completely on everything I wanted to try and do, I’m going to streamline the list a little and pick a couple of objectives out of them instead of trying to cram every single one of them into the little time that I have free at the moment!

Where do I start?


  • Finish my book – I’m keeping this one here, maybe not this year but over the next 18 months. It was never going to get done in 2013.
  • Write at least one story a month on Cowbird – I’ve fallen behind on this so I’m going to drop it. I’ll still write the odd story from time to time, just not every month.


  • Sort all my photos and upload them to Flickr – I’ve gone through a fair few of them but there are still loads to do. I’m cutting it loose for now. One day though, one day.


  • Set monthly km targets for running (and hit them!) – I stopped running for a few weeks so that was a massive fail. Au revoir to you.
  • Complete 150 sessions on Gympact – This one is definitely staying. Completed my 83rd session yesterday. In. The. Bag.
  • Start swimming once a week – I’m crossing this off because I can’t always fit a swim into my training. I’m still going now and then though.
  • Do the Brecon Novice Triathlon – Erm, it was 1st June…and I didn’t do it. So that’s a no.
  • Run the Cardiff Half Marathon – All signed up and started my 12 week training plan this week!


  • Read 20 books including all the ones currently on my ‘to-read’ shelf on Goodreads – I’m keeping this one. I’ve read 9 books this year and I don’t see any reason I can’t get through the rest of my to-read list.


  • Watch at least 52 films at the cinema – I’m up to 27(?) so far. It’s a keeper.
  • Write reviews on Letterboxd for all the films I’ve seen from 2012 onwards – I’ve pretty much done this except for the most recent few. I’m ticking it off as done!


  • Write six one original songs – I don’t think I’ll get 6 done this year. I’d like to get at least one on the board though. ONE WHOLE SONG PLEASE.
  • Record one cover a month and upload to YouTube – I’ve failed at this. I’ve still got 8 to do from April. Shite. I’m crossing it off but I WILL get those remaining few done. Soon. Honest.


  • Be able to speak Welsh to a conversational standard – I think I might tick this one off you know? I think I could have a conversation in Welsh, I just haven’t actually tried yet! I can definitely write emails in Welsh though. Yn bendant. Changed my mind, I’m leaving this here until I’m confident speaking it.

And breathe…

That looks a lot better now doesn’t it? Feel free to call me a failure or a cheat. I can take it. At the end of the day though, time is precious and I’d rather concentrate on the things I can/want to/like to do instead of wasting it trying to finish things I’m not really enjoying.

After all, shouldn’t we spend our days happy and smiling? Yes. Yes we should.


6 thoughts on “Time To Streamline

  1. Lucy says:

    Hey buddy, you are seriously kick butt there in your life it seems. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Well done for streamlining. And nice one on the books. Any advice on how to get through so many would be gratefully received. 🙂 xx

  2. I’ll call you a cheat.

    In all seriousness the fact you actually made the list in the first place is miles better than anything I’ve achieved this year.

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