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March Goals: 31 Blog Comments

One of my goals for March was to leave 31 blog comments (one a day). I though it would encourage me to read more blogs and also to interact a little bit more with the ones I liked. SPOILER: I only made it to 30.

The biggest problem I had was the lack of blogs in my feed reader. It mostly consisted of blogs by people I know plus a few others that weren’t really updated very much anymore. To rectify this I re-organised it, removed any old ones and a few I don’t really read anymore, and let Sarah loose on it to add some of her favourite blogs that I might like.

I still found it quite hard to actually find something I wanted to comment on. I figured there’d be at least one a day but that wasn’t the case. I did have a few days where I left 3 or 4 comments though so it evened itself out over the month.

So yeah, in the end I only made it to 30. I could have just left any old comment to hit my target but I didn’t want to just do it for the sake of it. Anyway, here are links to all the articles I left comments on over the past month.

1. Monthly Goals February & March Update [Link]
2. Fake Trouts or Crispy Pancakes? [Link]
3. The First Time I Actually Raced [Link]
4. Secretly Healthy Seven Layer Bars [Link]
5. Chocolate Chip Quinoa Cookies [Link]
6. New Goals and Lunchspo [Link]
7. NYC You Later [Link]
8. Travel – Exploring the Hues of Bergen, Norway [Link]
9. Daim Bar Tarts [Link]
10. Donna Margherita [Link]
11. Perfect Soft Boiled Egg [Link]
12. Freezer Pantry Fresh Pasta [Link]
13. Jamie’s Italian Cardiff – Searching For Cardiff’s Best Burger [Link]
14. Running Blog Weekend Debrief [Link]
15. Home Buying Moment – Oh No, What Have We Done? [Link]
16. Think For Yourself [Link]
17. It Takes A Lot To Phase Me. Consider Me Phased [Link]
18. Portraits of Kylie in London with the Samsung NX30 and Sony A5000 [Link]
19. Happy 3rd Birthday, Blog! [Link]
20. She Cooks, She Eat A Little Less [Link]
21. Kano [Link]
22. The Sloppy Jo Burger Challenge [Link]
23. Retain Code You’re Learning [Link]
24. Egg Yolks Are Fine [Link]
25. Colorful NYC Art Prints by Remko Heemskerk [Link]
26. Devil’s Cookies [Link]
27. Chocolate Cupcakes with Fresh Mint Buttercream [Link]
28. The End Of An Era? [Link]
29. Grace In Small Things [Link]
30. Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies [Link]

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