2018, Musings, Writing


Waiting. Lots of waiting.

Gate open. Get up and go.

Check the boards. Stare.

Rumble of wheels. Everyone pulling them along.

Chatter. It’s all noise.

Books being read. Crosswords. Sudoku.

Coffees and pints. Bottles.

Crisps and sandwiches. Overpriced snacks.

Waiting for the gate.

Last call for Newcastle. Gate 25.

Surprisingly calm. Baby wails. Someone laughs.

I wonder if they’re going home? Or are they going away?

Waiting for the gate.

Some alone. Some together. Friends and families.

Girl with the mermaid hair. She plays and eat it. Twists it.

Facetime. Hydrate.

Radio beeps. Are they searching for someone?

Bins emptied. Start again.

Waiting for the gate.

Sudoku still not solved.

He’s got a pillow on his head.

Huddle round. It won’t go any quicker.

Final call for Berlin. Gate 12.

Lads. Going for a smoke.

Standing. Stretching. Between the chairs. Airpot yoga?


Passenger call. Sudden rush.

Final call for Belfast. Gate 27.

Waiting for the gate.

I’m still here.

Written on 31st December 2017 @ Bristol Airport

2017, Musings, Writing

In The Centre Of It All

Markets. Buns in polystyrene containers.

Buskers. Tunes to entertain.

Pigeons pecking.

Everyone wandering. Headphones in. Phones in hand.

Artificial stars. Blinking.

He’s not bad you know.

Bike hops. What’s the point?

The gentle rumble. Steps and voices.

She sits and listens. Still. Attentive. Pause. Listen.

Excuse me? Se scribbles the answers.

Warm chocolate. Drifting past.

Sleeping bags for shoulders. Shuffling.

Drop some coins in. Thank you very much.

Can I finish the film? Click. One more.

Secret filming.

Baked beans. Pins and Needles. Leaning on a lamp post.

Explaining to children. He likes it. Bang.

Acrobatic flip.


Inside is different. Feel the warmth.

Outside again. A new spot.

Light bouncing off the windows

Spare some change? I don’t have any I’m sorry.

Friends embrace. Pleased to see each other. Lovers.

Suitcases roll. Coming or going?

Drivers coming off duty. Chips in a paper cone.

Cigarette breaks. On their phones. Keeping in touch when they can.

How’s your day going? I’ll see you later.

Written on 17th November 2017 @ The Hayes, Cardiff

2017, Musings, Writing

A Brief Murmur

Birds flock in formation. What’s the word?! Google.

Murmuration. A small murmuration.

Missed the shot.

Students lost? Waiting. Found.

Red. Amber. Green. Go.

Grey sky. Smell of diesel. Buses.

A brief alarm.

Spots of rain. Light. Sprinkles.

Right Dave then. See you later.

Fruit and veg in plastic bags.

Brakes squeak.

Truck collects the rubbish. Motor hums. Clunks. Hiss. Blue button.

Old friends. Say hello. Wave.

Smoke. Cigarettes and conversation. Greetings.

Blue wellies. Shopping clipped to a pram.

It’s a nice day for a walk.

Empty the ashtray.

Last leaves. Hanging on.

A swift drop off. A kiss goodbye.

Everybody’s going somewhere.

Balloon lost to the sky.

Birds murmur again. Separate.

Queues. Traffic stops. Waits. Goes.

Students return. Not so lost anymore.

Horn beeps. Bike roars

Some move fast. Some move slow.

How long left on my parking?

Time’s forgotten. Insignificant.

More to do. Cash required.

Written 15th November 2017 @ Wellfield Road, Cardiff

2017, Musings, Writing

Autumn Reflections

Sun on the lake. Reflecting.

Sun in my eyes. Warm. Shivers.

People walking by. Kids. Dogs. Pushing. Pulling. Footsteps and shadows. Hand in hand. Side by side.


Squinting into the sun.

Birds sit. Swim. Hover. Fly.

Sun glares. Clouds come and go.

Lake ripples. Surface breaks. Returns. Cloud takes sun. Shadows fade. Air cools. Light dims.

People walk in circles. Around and around.

Tea runs out. Little boats. Floating.

Hugging. Feeding each other.

Sniff. Eyes water. Breathe in. Breathe out. Blow.

Look both ways. Clockwise. Anti-clockwise.

You shouldn’t be running in those shoes.

Dust off your hands. Get back up and carry on.

Leaves fall. Drift.

Pins and needles. Exhale.

Stranger from the past.

Pairs. Three in a row.

Sneeze. Tap to the beat.

Light flickers. Shimmers. Blind. Bursts.

Slow setting.

Time to go.

Written 29th October 2017 @ Roath Park Lake, Cardiff.

2015, Musings

OMG, I Wrote A Blog! On New Year Goals

Blwyddyn Newydd Dda!

Hello. I’m still here. Not that you’d know it based on my inactivity over the last 5 months! I am though. This really is me. My WordPress install hasn’t gone all sentient up in here. That would be weird (and worrying).

I’m back to talk briefly about goals and resolutions. It’s the time of year when everyone plans for the year ahead but this year I’m avoiding setting too much for myself. Past experiences (i.e. the last two years) have shown that I’ll probably only complete about 30-40% of my goals and I’ll change my mind about half of the remaining ones a few months into the year.

So, based on that unquestionable evidence, I’m only giving myself one proper goal for the year – I’m only allowed sugar once per week maximum. I’d planned for a while to cut it out anyway so I figured I’d allow myself the Christmas treats and start from now.

Aside from that, I’m just going to watch films, read books, learn new things, etc as and when I want to and hopefully continue to enjoy them all without the pressure of having to get somewhere with them.

For those of you setting some proper goals for 2015, I salute you and I wish you all the best with them. Just remember to enjoy them too though! 🙂